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GMB Members
This is intended for everyone who currently work in, or may volunteer for helping out with waste during this Covid-19 Crisis:
Given the COVID-19 crisis the STUC trade unions are having regular dialogue with the Scottish Government about all matters relating to work.
I wanted to assure our membership who are currently doing work in cleansing (including those for whom it may not be their substantive post) that your Health and Safety is an issue that  has been raised regularly with the Scottish Government.
After pressure in some areas we do have councils that have implemented some good practice to minimise risk.  However, there are still councils that aren’t doing the right thing and GMB Scotland is challenging them at a COSLA and Scottish Government level.
For two weeks GMB have been asking COSLA for a consistent and safe way of working across Local Government.  All workers in waste should be able to maintain social distancing guidance and we have reached agreements in West Lothian, South Lanarkshire, Glasgow and others that protect our members while continuing to deliver an essential service.  
 More than one person in a cab is unacceptable. Please let us know if this is still happening in your area.
GMB will never compromise on your Health and Safety.
Your council must implement safe systems of work and with your support we will call out and take on councils that fail to implement them.

Posted: 1st April 2020

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